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Paws & Brews Dog Park

Dog Entry Requirements for Dog Park

  • Must be current on vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP/Da2PP and Bordetella).
  • Must be properly socialized for group play.
  • Must be at least 12 weeks old.
  • Must have an ID tag at all times.

Do NOT feed your dog, bring food or treats for your dog, or feed any other dogs.

Absolutely no toys or balls, as these can trigger resource guarding behaviors among otherwise friendly dogs.

Puppies who are under 25 lbs AND under six months of age are allowed in the Small Dog Park only, or on one of our on-leash patios. This is because puppies of that age and size may not have the experience or physical ability to play safely among large adult dogs. Once your puppy is over 25lbs or 6 months of age, they are permitted to play in the All Dog Park

Our Dog Park

The Dog Park at Paws & Brews in Post Falls features lush artificial turf equipped with a sprinkler system to keep your furry friends cool during the hot summer months. Enjoy plenty of shaded areas where both you and your pets can relax and unwind with a beer. For the more adventurous pups, we offer a variety of agility toys and tunnels to explore, along with fun water toys for splashing around.

Our Happy Puppers

4565 Seltice Way
Post Falls ID, 83854